Cloud Service Recommendation for Scrivener

Does anyone have a recommendation for cloud storage besides DropBox? With DropBox’s new limitations on number of devices, I’ve had to link multiple DropBox accounts together to get around it but what has happened is I’m now having sync problems with Scrivener.

This just started with the recent beta versions of Scrivener but I’m guessing that it’s the sharing link between DropBox accounts that is causing it. I like DropBox as it keeps a copy of the files on each device but the upgrade cost to allow more devices is too high. I don’t need the extra storage, just to be able to link more devices.

I use Sync ( because Dropbox is blocked in China where my collaborators are. The developers at Sync will tell you that their service is not suitable for Scrivener type projects, however we have been using it for at least 5 years. My main collaborator is a Windows user using the v. 3 Betas. We have had 2, easily resolved, cases of conflicted files in the last year, which were almost certainly down to one of us being too hasty to shut down or open a project before sync’ing was fully complete. And a couple of times my colleague has turned off the computer before the user.lock file has been deleted from the server—the last step in the sync’ing process. That too is easy to remedy.

I do get the impression that Sync is slightly slower than Dropbox, which I also have, but only for sharing between my own devices, so an extra modicum of care is needed. On the other hand it is equally as transparent as Dropbox about sync’ing being in progress.