Cloud Storage

I have Scriveners/Win 1.9.7 on Win7.
Can anyone suggest a method to directly write/read projects on a cloud drive, such as Google, Amazon or Dropbox without taking the extra steps of zipping or bulk transferring project files beforehand?
If it isn’t possible with the current Scrivener Win version, do you know if the upcoming Scrivener version 3 for Windows will provide for this?
Thanks so much.

With Dropbox installed on your PC, you simply save your project in a subfolder in the Dropbox folder.

Thank, lunk, for your quick response.
I had a feeling this was possible with Dropbox due to that sync software is installed on your PC to create a “virtual” drive. I was hoping there was a method for Google or Amazon, since I already have those accounts. Do you know if this is possible with those services?
And do you know if the new Scr/Win ver3 will be able to point at a URL (rather than a physical drive) and navigate its “subfolder” links directly?

No, you have to use a cloud sevice that syncs files you have on a physical drive in your PC, and some of the cloud services are not recommended, like OneDrive and Google docs.