Cloud (web browser) based editing?

Considering the Scrivener file appears to be a package of contents, does anyone know of a work around that would allow one to make text edits with a 3rd party cloud based word processor?

As in, is there a plugin for Dropbox that might allow one to edit, using a web browser, the nested text of a Scrivener project file? (Think: Google Docs or similar.)

(And I acknowledge that it sounds like a potential syncing nightmare…)

“There be monsters.” :slight_smile: Bear in mind that the files in a Scrivener package are indexed to a central file, and may also be related to other files carrying text. So the risks you acknowledge may be provoked not only by syncing after your edits, but also by almost any other actions that you might wish to carry out subsequently within the application.

However, there are ways of avoiding these risks - for example, the synchronised folders feature (which is distinct and separate from Scrivener’s iOS functionality). Chapter 13 of the Scrivener Manual, especially 13.2, explains, and is really essential reading if you want the risks of editing outside Scrivener to be minimised.

Thanks for the info. I’ll be sure to read up in the Scrivener manual.

There is no supported way to edit the contents of a Scrivener project directly using any tool other than Scrivener itself.

The Sync with External Folder command is the only supported method for sharing the contents of a project between Scrivener and a third-party program. All other methods are entirely at your own risk. Please make sure you have good backups.