What with all of the “cloud computing” these days, I think it would be a neat idea to have cloud storage (with automatic upload and save, etc.) on, say, our forum accounts or whatever. And when we open Scrivener for the first time, it asks us to provide login information. That way, whether I’m on my work PC or my home mac or my mobile device (I know the iOS version hasn’t been released, but when it is…), I can access my file(s) without a pesky dropbox or flash drive.

Just a thought.

I rather think the ideal of distributed networking services like Dropbox and Amazon (which consumers don’t use directly as such, but many of the services you know of—including Dropbox I believe, utilise Amazon’s massive cloud infrastructure) is that individual developers no longer have to roll their own cumbersome and oftentimes fragile services to provide synchronisation and storage. Before these services came along, there wasn’t much for this stuff precisely because it is so tremendously complicated to do correctly. The very reason these services have become popular is because there are now dedicated companies that do nothing but that, which in turn allows countless thousands of small developers like us to come along and tap into them, and in turn now millions of people can use technology that prior to a few years ago was essentially unattainable (at least without dumping large amounts of development time into it; small shops that tried this ended up stagnating completely). So to my mind, and most of the industry, it would be a step backward for each developer to start inventing their own bespoke synchronisation all over again.

I see… Thank you for the information!