cmd-K splitting by criteria

I searched for this and found

"by Maria on Sun Jun 03, 2007 12:11 am
Great news, now just a few ideas for the beginning:

  • Importing a larger File and dividing automatically wherever a header is, (Cmd-K if done manually) "

I have a file with 3800 entries I would like to divide in exactly this way. It would be great to speed this process with so many entries to process. It is what keeps me from dropping Pages altogether. I use a combination of text style and font as a header.

So I suppose I am asking for “auto split, or split, by criteria”.

From the Scrivener manual:

11.1.7 Import and Split
There are three modes for this tool:

  1. Plain or rich text: when a supported text file is selected you will be presented with a text field. Type in the separator that was used in the text to define sections. A common example might be a “#” character. Any line in the document that contains only the text entered into this box will be removed from the file and used to split the results in two. This process continues, further splitting the work into subsequent binder items, until all of these lines have been processed. A portion of the first line will be used to generate a binder title for each chunk.

I don’t know much about Pages, but I would have thought it ought to be possible to search for your headings and insert a split marker in the right place using Find and Replace.


I don’t have “import and split” in my menu system under “import”. Is it because I’m still on the trial? Or what am I missing?

I have a complete first draft I really want to put into Scrivener but I cannot face manually splitting it out into scenes… help help!

It’s because you are on Windows. The Mac version of Scrivener is much older, and the Windows version doesn’t yet have all the features that have been built into the Mac version over the years.

If you know someone with a Mac, you could get them to do the split for you.


cries OK, thank you for filling me in :slight_smile:

Import and Split is available on Windows; make sure you’re up to date with version 1.5.3: Help > Check for Updates.

Ah, OK. I did check the thread “Differences Between the Mac and Windows Versions” but I see it dates back to 2011, so it hasn’t been updated for recent releases.


Yeah, that list is quite out of date now; we just haven’t had a chance to keep it updated. A lot of the missing features listed can be struck off now, but there are probably a few minor features from 2.3 and 2.4 on the Mac that would need to get added, and compiling that is not something I can do off the top of my head like I can the implemented Windows features. :wink: