CMD-L notes

Is there a keyboard shortcut for navigating to the newly-created Note from Cmd-L?

IOW, I highlight text, Cmd-L to create the note, but I still have to reach for the mouse and click on the link to write down my note. I’m looking for a way to open the note without reaching for the mouse. I don’t know about everyone else, but whenever I add a note using Cmd-L, I always open the note and type into it.

Thanks in advance for solutions.

Seems there’s no function implemented for now. CTRL+Click your Link. You may see, there’s no shortcut for the “open” function.

Maybe it’s easy for the developer to give it a shortcut.

No help for this time…


Links, by definition, need clicking on… So, no, there is no keyboard shortcut for this, and neither will there be, sorry.