CMD + Right/Left Arrow plays media

When transcribing audio files, I use CMD + Return to play or pause the audio file in the media player. This function still works fine. However, when I use CMD + Right Arrow to go to the end of a line in the text, the paused audio file begins playing, as if I had hit CMD + Return. When I use CMD + Left Arrow to go to the beginning of a line of text, the paused audio file begins playing backwards.

I am pretty sure this wasn’t happening before today. I just upgraded from Yosemite to El Capitan and have Scrivener 2.7.1 installed.

I checked System Preferences > Keyboard Preferences > Shorcuts to see if El Capitan had added a system-wide shortcut, but didn’t see anything new. Am I missing something? Could this be a bug in Scrivener?

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Interesting, I can reproduce that on 10.11 alone, so it must be something new to that system. Scrivener itself doesn’t even have a command to play a file backward in the first place. :slight_smile: I have checked for shortcuts in the system preferences as well but could find nothing. It may be we should be overriding something in the QT player though, I’ll have Keith take a look. Thanks!

Thanks, AmberV. And here is the error message cut-and-pasted from

That makes sense. It’s just a minor warning that the player unit being used is deprecated. Surprising it seems to have changed, despite being deprecated, in 10.11. Apple must have been working on some aspect of it, and never thought that anyone might use a player inside a larger complex window like Scrivener’s, and probably any transcription software that is still 32-bit and using that older player.

This will be fixed when the software is 64-bit, most likely (I’d be surprised if Apple fixes this), which won’t happen until the next major update. That was (is) a huge job.