CocoAspell, Scrivener (and IMKQIM Chinese entry system?)

I don’t know if this is a problem related to my individual set-up, or if it is more general and anyone else has the problem.

Over the weekend, I saw there was an update to CocoAspell, which I had had installed until I moved up to Tiger, I think it was. I gave it up around then as it seemed to be giving me problems, and spell-check in NWP seemed to have improved for me. Anyway, I duly installed CocoAspell on “Minime” (MBA).

Today, for the first time I have been running Scrivener, and have needed to enter Chinese characters and use the Dictionary entry from the pop-up menu. I found that, after I had entered a couple of Chinese characters:

(1) highlighting them and doing a right-click and “Look up in Dictionary”: on the first try nothing happened; on the second try the little dictionary pane came up as expected;
(2) on the next instance, the caret disappeared, and I had to click elswhere in the text to bring it back and then re-highlight and right-click … but no dictionary pane would appear no matter how many times I tried;
(3) after that, when typing, the caret once more disappeared and no new text showed until I had clicked elsewhere in the text.

I think I have experienced the need to right-click and choose “Look up in dictionary” twice to bring up the dictionary pane before, but the disappearing text has only happened since installing CocoAspell. I don’t have time at the moment to explore further, and I have removed CocoAspell from my system as I have to get on with work, and all seems normal in text entry terms. IMKQIM is essential to me, it’s an alternative and very much better entry system for Chinese characters than the one provided by Apple.

So, have any of you others installed CocoAspell and does it give you any problems? If not I presume it could be some sort of conflict with IMKQIM that is going on. Keith, would you like me to explore this any further — CocoAspell is not essential to me, but when I have some time I would be willing to re-install it and look for any logs that may help you — if you think this is something to follow up? I no longer know if there’s anyone else on the forum who uses Chinese and has experience of IMKQIM who could contribute.

Hope this is not wasting your collective times.

The happiest of New Years to you all. :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,

The disappearing text sounds like an internal exception is getting thrown. Could you please restart Scrivener, have the Console open, and then go through the process again - does an “objectAtIndex” or “out of bounds” error get thrown in the Console?

Also, does everything work okay in TextEdit?

Thanks and all the best, happy New Year to you too!

Thanks Keith, I’ll do it as soon as I have a moment. Sometime towards the end of the week, probably. I’ll reload CocoAspell then, and I’ll try it with both Scrivener and TextEdit (and NWP, though they’ve hacked the engine so much it might behave differently, I suppose).