Code for pagebreak

There is a code for insert pagebreak when I compile?

There’s a button in the “General Meta-Data” pane of the Inspector that says, “Page Break Before.” Does this help at all?

Thank you for answering.
No. I’ll something like this…

There is?

See the menu Edit->Insert->Page Break

But when I click on item to page break, nothig is appening…

Oh yes, yes! There is a page break when I compile!
But on editor there is nothing…

Scrivener isn’t designed to provide final formatting, including manual page breaks, but to organize research and notes, create an outline, and create a draft, which can then be finalized in a more full-featured word processor. That’s why it doesn’t show page breaks in its own editor, only in versions compiled for editing in other software. Scrivener is to gather your foundational material and then let the words pour forth (in my understanding and opinion!).

If you want to see the page break, use the menu Format->Options->Show Invisibles. I don’t know if there’s a “page view” in Scrivener for Windows, but if there isn’t, then Show Invisibles is the only way to tell if you have a page break.

Now is ok!