Coffee Cups

Does this mean we can’t use the Lit & Latte logo??? … 001186.htm

What will the powerful do next?


BUT perhaps head office is on our side: … 841092.htm

  1. :smiley:

I am awaiting word from Nestle’s attorneys. They’ll never take my avatar! Never!

Actually, whilst designing the logo I patented the word “Coffee” as a noun, so you owe me wads of cash, Sean. I’m now going to register the word “Literature” and start suing Penguin, Oxford Classics and every English language university. :wink:

I’m more and more proud the government of my region (Le Marche) is forbidding Nestlé products from all public institutions, and considering it “non grata” over all our territory. At least, a pure island will resist.

Sean, you can become a refugee, here.


Ha! And I’ve just gained copyright over in both the conjunctive and suffix form. Come on you lot; cough up! 8)

I am currently in the process of patenting Oxygen and Sunlight.

I patented Verbal Diarrhoea ages ago!


Better make sure the patent hasn’t expired then!

janra, hi,
Im not too sure which planet I was on when I posted that, but I think I probably meant,perfected`, rather than patented. That would aptly reflect reality, I think.

Take care,


PS My inner demon Le Directeur, has taken a shine to Write On and is thinking of leaving me here in Scri. and moving in with you. DONT LET HIM IN!!! Hes a real pain in the butt. He`s lustful, licentious, criminally irreverent and amoral. He feeds on recognition… ignore him and he just fades away.

Well that’s okay by me. Nobody has ever accused me of writing anything so highbrow as ‘literature’. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: