Coffee icon

For those of you trolling about patiently waiting for the new web presence and the new v1.1 this might amuse you. It is a coffee tinted version of the Scrivener black and white icon. You replace it in the usual way. Get Info > click on the icon at the top of the panel as Command C (copy) then paste using Command V on the Scrivener icon.

You may need to do a ‘save as’ in something like Graphic Converter. Just save it to your desktop and then do the get info routine.

It looks more like the ethos of Literature and Latte (well at least the latte part). I used Amber’s original icon to work this simple makeover.

:slight_smile: (12.7 KB)
Latte 1.tif (66.4 KB)

Someones nicked it. we have a tea leaf in our midst! :open_mouth:

Did someone mention tea?

We don’t all drink coffee while we’re writing, and I’ve been thinking for some time now, Keith, that you could tap into a whole new market by renaming Literature & Latte for tea drinkers. My preferred option is Literature & Lapsang.

I know it isn’t quite so cool-sounding, but it seems so much more…I don’t know…English.

I’ll understand if you don’t want to offend our European and American friends, but let me know what you think, will you?

I’ve great ideas for the real-ale and chocolate markets too.

Regards, Leigh

Literature & Lapsang? Oh yes, very posh. Like that a lot. I suppose it’s Reading & Rooibos for us decaffinated lackeys then… :wink:

Literature and Jack Daniels.


No good. Try saying “Literature” after drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels. Come to think of it, try saying anything after drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels. :unamused:

told you he wasn`t dead, just pissed.

By the way Jack Daniels is a trendy kids/poseurs drink! Get some Jameson Irish. down yer neck. That`ll the colour up your deathly pallor

Well, I’ll be…

it is there if you use Omniweb or Safari. It is not there if you use Camino, Netscape, Mozilla, Sea Monkey, Firefox or Opera.

There is a mystery.


Just download the .zip file. It is the icon ready for use.

Yay … OmniWeb rules … Yeah!


Look what I found the other day! :open_mouth:

Brilliant. And so refreshing too!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oh Yes!



Sorry, folks, missed this at the time.

I love it! Where can I get it then? Is it in Sainsbury’s yet…or [thinks], perhaps it’s too posh for that…?

And I’ve finally found out all these years where Lapsang Souchong comes from and where that rather strange name came from …! It’s only taken 7 years of asking around!

Wuyishan … home of the most expensive tea in the world! Mind you that’s a type of Oolong, not Lapsang … but Lapsang bought there knocks the spots off your Twinings!