Collaborating across versions / backwards compatibility

I’m using version 2.0.1 and am starting a screenplay collaboration with someone still in the 1.0’s. He seems not to be able to open the project I sent from my version. Is there backwards compatibility? We’re both using Mac version.


No, the file formats changed from 1.x to 2.x, so 1.x versions can’t open the newer projects. 2.x will upgrade older projects to the new format and create a backup of the original project, but of course once it’s upgraded it won’t be backwards compatible.

You can have 1.x still installed on your machine along side 2.x, so you can continue to work with your collaborator using the older version. Or you can convince him to upgrade. :wink:

For what it’s worth, the 2.x format is compatible with the Windows version of Scrivener, or will be when the Windows version is officially released.

Thanks -
I think I installed 2.0 “on top” of 1.x - is there a way to get 1.x back or separate it out or something to achieve this?

You can download the old version from the Support Page. Note if you want you can run the old version along with the new version. Just drag it to some place temporary before putting it in Applications, rename it “Scrivener Old”, and then drag it to Applications. Now you can use it to work with your colleague and continue forward with the new version.