Collaborating Mac-Windows in Chinese

Long term Scrivener user on Mac here, working principally in Chinese and English.

I will shortly be working with a friend on a translation project. She is a Windows user, and when Scrivener first came out in beta, I tried to get her interested but didn’t press it. Now we will be working on this project together, I think the time has come to give her a present of a copy of Scrivener for Windows, to make collaboration easier. But of course she will be new to Scrivener; I’ll set up the project and guide her, but it’s going to be difficult to help with any interface questions she might have, since the only WinScriv stuff I’ve seen is screenshots on the forum. So I’ve asked on the Windows forum, for advice. But it strikes me there may be someone here on the Mac forum who has experience of working cross-platform in Chinese, if so, I’d love to hear any comments.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Mr X