Collaborating using Scrivener

Hi. I’ve found Scrivener really helpful to me as I work alone. I’m about to collaborate - is Scrivener equipped to have two people on different computers looking at the same .scriv file? Is there any way to do this? Or is it better to steer clear of sharing the same file in this way?

No. No. Yes.

The best way to share is using the Compile Draft function. Use RTF. You will find that getting work back into scriv can be a tad more difficult than getting it out. That said there are a number of threads explaining a lot of ways to do that. My favorite is a method a user named janra describes using multimarkdown. Give the forums a search and read up.

I think that was me :slight_smile: – Janra uses RTF, I think. Here’s my proposed workflow (which I haven’t actually used, since I don’t really collaborate w/ Scrivener): viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6417&p=51755#p51635

Dang it! I knew I needed to look up the thread. Sorry about that.

I should also note that all the workflows discussed in that thread involved one person with Scrivener, and another without, which seems to be a common situation. When both people have Scrivener, I suppose you can just zip your Scrivener project and email it back and forth. Just make sure you establish a ritual so that either of you don’t work on the document at the same time.

On the other hand, it depends on what kind of collaboration you have in mind. If two people seamlessly editing one master document is your true goal and you’re okay with foregoing Scrivener, you could use something like Google Docs, which lets you see revisions from your collaborators in almost real time. That said, while Google Docs does amazing things for an app inside a browser, it doesn’t give you the niceties of a desktop app.

Actually I use paper (or treat altered files as if they were paper) and keep my Scriv document as the master. :slight_smile: But that’s for comments, not full collaboration, I’ve never done a collaborative document in Scrivener.