Collaborating Windows v. 3 (Chinese) and Mac v. 3 (English)


As you may know, I collaborate on Chinese–English translation (and occasionally English–Chinese translation) with a friend in China. I am a Mac user, currently using v. 3.0.3 with my interface in English; she is a Windows (Chinese UI) user and has just installed Windows (on my recommendation as I have been keeping an eye on it since v. and feel it’s now progressed enough for us to use) with some of the Scrivener interface apparently localised in Chinese. So I’ll report any problems and issues in this thread. :slight_smile:

First issue: UI issue depending on who set up the project initially. Basically, it’s only minor in use terms but there is obviously something going on. It is to do with the two menus at the bottom of the inspector. If I set up the project initially, they read “No Label” and “No Status” with the up-down carets. I would expect that in English, but they appear in English when she opens the project.

Conversely, when she sets up the project, the menus are in Chinese when I open the project:

I think this is a UI bug.