collaboration possible between users?

I am working on an English translation of a dutch novel I wrote and am emailing the text copied into an email to him, after which he checks it and mails it back to me and I paste it into the scrivener project. Is there a way for us to do everything inside Scrivener though? We both have the program, of course. He will make changes which I need to be able to see on my computer. Or is this only more complicated and is it easier just to do a copy/paste exchange via mail?

It is technically possible, provided you are careful not to have the project open in Scrivener simultaneously.

All you need to do is share a folder in Dropbox. If you have the project in a subfolder in your Dropbox folder, you can invite your co-writer to share that folder. He can then open the project in the usual way and close it when he’s done writing. It works basically the same way as if you yourself share a project between two computers.

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Ah, ok, so in fact it’s saver to email the project itself, to avoid the problem of having it open at the same time. What about being able to see the changes he made. I remember seeing some way of tracking this in Scrivener.


The project is not a file, it’s a folder with subfolders with files, and it could be huge! Mailing the complete folder structure is not to be recommended.

Use Snapshots.

Using Dropbox is no problem, as long as you make sure that you don’t work simultaneously, both having the project open at the same time. One way to avoid that would be for you to cut the link for your co-writer to the dropbox subfolder when you are working, and only authorise him again when you want his input. When he tells you that he is done and everything is synced to the Dropbox folder, you de-authorise again. :slight_smile:

Emailing it back and forth doesn’t solve the “editing at the same time” problem; it makes it worse. There’s no way to merge projects currently, so if your partner bounces all around your manuscript, making small changes, there will be no way to incorporate the changes he made with the ones you made since sending a copy of the project to him.

You have to take turns, and/or be very strict in what each of you is allowed to edit, and then manually merge changes once you have and updated copy from your partner. Taking turns via a shared Dropbox folder is very easy; you write, then close Scrivener and text/email/phone your partner: “All done! Your turn.” and wait for a reciprocal notification.