Collaborative poem on South Bank

Today I was outside the National Theatre in London, with a load of chalk.

I wrote down a line of text and then asked people to add to it.
Gradually it got to a point where I actually left it and it continued when I just left the chalk lying on the floor.

The average person who contributed was female, young, and wearing colours. Groups responded better than individuals. Canadians, Germans and Scots were particularly interested. People with families didn’t seem to trust me.

I got moved on by security and am going to complain to the Southbank center.

It’s in the Stone Circle literally just opposite the theatre.
In the morning it might still be there.

It will disappear with the next rain and remain, simply, as a memory.

Any chance of re-chalking it over here. You’ve got me all interested, and I want to add to it – maybe? :smiley:

Not really much chance of re-chalking it. That’s part of the idea of using chalk.

I could, however, repeat from scratch.