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possibly I’m just too dumb to find it, but I’ve looked in the forums and in the help files.

Question: Is there a way, to collapse or de-collapse all items in a list (for instance in outline view)? Jer’s Novel Writer does this by alt-clicking on one of the little triangle thingies. It’s very practical, for instance for adding »page break before« to all documents in the outliner. Otherwise every folder has to be de-collapsed manually.

I know this is a feature request at the last minute, but maybe …

Alt-clicking on the triangle is built into Cocoa, so it works in Scrivener, too. Alt-click and all of the folders inside the clicked item will be expanded, too. If you want to expand everything, use “Expand All” (command-9) from the View menu.

All the best,

Hi Keith,

so sorry – it now works just fine but didn’t yesterday. No idea what was going on. After a restart the alt-click does the job – maybe the time for a clean install when the leo comes out.