Collapse/Expand submenu goes gray

I was finding that the View–>Outline submenu with the collapse/expand options was frequently grayed out when it wasn’t supposed to be.

For example, I’m looking at the Binder, many folders are expanded, I select the Draft folder, I go to View–> Outline, and the submenu is gray.

If I then close the project and reopen it, the submenu is good.

Just now (and what prompted me to post) I tried to collapse a folder, I selected it, I went to the Outline menu, the subfolder opened with the options live as expected, and as soon as I hit the down arrow key,I actually saw it go gray.

I closed project, reopened, same thing.

Then, with a new blank project, very first thing I did was select Draft, and when I tried to expand it, it goes gray. Any arrow movement on that submenu grays it out.

But if I select a submenu option using its letter key, everything works as expected.

Thanks, this is on the bug list.