collapse folder

I didn’t see a way to collapse/expand a particular folder or parent file, only collapse all or expand all. Would it be possible to have this as a menu item, and even better, a contextual menu item? I often want to expand an entire folder full of research material, and it gets a bit cumbersome to open each one individually.

HBN and Mori have this function, if that helps.

I apologize if I’m missing something here! I checked around and didn’t see any way to do this.



PS I understand that any ‘wishes’ are secondary to bug-fixing! :slight_smile:

This feature is actually built into to Cocoa outline vies (something I only found out recently, in fact). If you alt-click on the triangle next to the folder, it will expand/collapse all subdocuments rather than just the folder you click.

Hope that helps,

Cool! Thanks! I thought I must be missing something.