Collapse Project Target in Target Popup?

I’ve slowly wading into converting my projects to V3, and while by and large I’ve been very happy with the changes, one of the features I used most was the pop-up Project Targets pop-up; I could dock it to one side of the window and keep an eye on the colors changing as I drew closer to my daily wordcount.

I’ve found that in Scrivener V3, this feature exists, but there is no way that I’ve found to collapse one or both sections of the Target pop9up. I would like to be able to collapse the “Draft Target” wordcount in the pop-up, as that is not something I am concerned about on a daily basis, and having it open increases the size of the pop-up enough that no matter where I move the window, it is covering something I need to see.

I understand that the wordcounts, both daily and Draft Target, show in the chapter header/search bar beneath the menu bar as well. However, I like the colors of the popup, and the ability to redefine my wordcount on the fly if I’m having a better writing day than I expected. Is there any way to not see the Draft Target in that pop-up window?

I have this exact same issue. I was hoping to find an answer here but instead I’m asking the same question for slightly different reasons. I just don’t want to have to see the full project target and would much prefer to collapse it. I use my daily targets frequently, but if we are no longer able to collapse, then the feature is going to be missed, and not used.