Collapse the 'collapse...'

Good morning all you brilliant problem-solvers :smiley:
I’ve customized my main tool bar with ‘expand all’ and ‘collapse all’ icon buttons, but the ‘collapse all to current level’ command doesn’t have a button. All the words appear on the tool bar. Is there anyway to connect a button to the words, or shorten them so they don’t take up so much room :question:

If this has already been asked, forgive the repetition, but I couldn’t find anything about it elsewhere

Here, here. This is far the most useful of the expand/collapse functions, and merits its own icon button. Could be just like “Collapse All” but with the arrow pointed northwest.

Also will take this opportunity again to pitch for “Send File to Scrivener” as icon button on the Scratch Pad, and “Reveal in Binder” as icon button and Available Toolbar Action. I have the latter as an AutoHotkey GUI button, and am on it all the time.

– Jerome J., agreeing with Jay Jerome.