Collapsing large notes?

It happens that, while typing an idea in a note, some narrative or dialogue follows and soon enough the note becomes a text snippet. Is there a way to collapse such notes to free some screen space?

I was hit with the same problem. I scribble notes of various lengths but this renders Scapple unusable because the notes are far too large to have the clarity of an overview.

My suggestion is that there can perhaps be a small “header” that is visible as a note on the board (nice if we can set how many lines or characters remain visible as the header) and clicking on it expands the note.

Perhaps some kind of marker that shows the note has more content than shown would also be useful.

A temporary “solution”, although rather messy, is to make the “header” note with a short description plus a link to a txt file (located in the project folder) with the content.