Collected jibes at vic-k!

After reading through the forums and realising just how many episodes… err posts… we have created, I realised it was time to come up with a flashbacks post, where instead of trying to come up with anything new or witty or original, we can just re-hash old material under the pretence of bringing everyone up to date, but with the real aim of making a new post dirt-cheap.

So here, I give you: collected jibes at vic-k!

Ooops… how did that last one get in there???

Where would we all be without our vic-inspired therapy?

Apologies to all those entrants that didn’t make it. There are just so many you can fit into a single half-hour (and there’s only so much patience to find them, too!)




As a male of the species I would like to point out that we only harass those we love… ummm like… ummm are fond of… crap how did this get so wrong? Stay on your side of the deck.

Now quait yer caterwaulin' and pass 'hat 'here bottle.

I only ask why the hyphen K?


That is truly a disturbing problem to ponder. Any suggestions anyone?


Wow, I’m suddenly getting this strangely terrifying vision of vic-k being the comical-sidekick guy in movies!

-K = Sidekick?


The one who gets shot at the end but survives? Is that what this is? :smiley:

Daemon? :wink:

Monsieur Hugh,
Truly, you are, most favoured. Such perspicacity is gifted to mere mortals, only at the behest of the Gods.

Le Directeur :smiling_imp:


This thread reminds me of a Mark Twain anecdote (can’t find it, or remember the precise details) which goes something like this. A frontier community is administering justice to one of its miscreants – don’t recall whether it was tar-and-feathering, or being ridden out of town on a rail – and being asked what he thought about this treatment, the fellow said, “If it weren’t for the honor of the occasion, I’d sooner be somewhere else.”

Consider yourself honored. But do not go away.


Young Master Philip,
tis as you say, rightly. I take no mind :wink: Your kind words, in any case, are as a Mithril Greatcoat, against the slings and arrows…

Take care

I’ve just checked The Red Lion - there’s still a waft of malodorous anal humour floating from under that table…


…forsooth Sir!! :open_mouth: How else would you have it be? :confused:

:confused: Jeezus, what a bloody Boxing Day night that was. Can’t believe I slept in this late. Can’t stay on long though, gotta get ready… for… the… :open_mouth: What the! 2008? :blush:

Erm… anyway, as I was going to say, jibes at Vic! I’m shocked and appalled. That it should come to my attention that such things have been going on, yet, I seem to have contributed so little. You sure that’s all of mine? :open_mouth:

youll just have to try harder in 08, wont y Have a good one :wink:


If it wasnt for the hyphen , Id be vick, a jar of decongestant vapour rub :open_mouth:

I thought that was ‘Vics’ or ‘Vicks’ with an ‘s’??? Remember that stuff well, from a childhood of asthma (grew out it of thankfully) and bronchitis. :confused:


A woman always has to have the last word…tch! :frowning:

now you are right…