collecting annotations and highlights into files

I would like to collect all my highlights and put them in a file so that I can see and work with them without having to page through my research documents.

Similarly, I would like to collect all my annotations and put them into another file so I can work with them as a group separate from the research documents.

Is there a way Scrivener will do this automatically?

If there isn’t, does anyone on this forum have ideas as to the easiest and least time-consuming way for me to do it by hand? All I can think of is to use the “find” feature and then copy them individually into a separate file. That would be tedious and time-consuming, but if it’s the best I can do, so be it.

Does anyone have a better idea?


I am afraid there is no Scrivener way to do that yet. But perhaps it is a good idea for a feature request.

For the time being I would open the exported RTF files as text and search for the highlight and annotation RTF tags in BBEdit. It is very fast and creates new files from the results. Of course you could use any other TextEditor, BBEdit is the one I always end up with when trying to do something seriously…


Hi Maria!

People on this forum keep tossing the names of things around that I’ve never heard of in all my little pc-using life.

What is bbedit, and how do I use it?

Thanks for your help,


Hi Rebecca,
sorry, I did not want to sound like “tossing names around”, I really thought you know. BBEdit is a TextEditor that can do almost anything with pure Text (unformatted), if you know how to use it. There are many other TextEditors around, some very good Freeware like Smultron, there is a lite little brother of BBEdit as well, and there is TextMate, a celebrated Text Editor that is not capable of non-alphabetic scripts, so useless for most of the world’s population.

Anyway, my idea of using a text editor on the raw RTF data is of no help if you did not yet work with these programs. It takes longer to get used to RTF code and BBEdit than it would take to do it manually and wait for an implementation of automatic separation in Scrivener. I often decide for a manual solution in these cases…

((PERHAPS, there is already a solution in Scrivener, which I just did not know about? :blush: )

All the best,

Well actually, yes, you can export all of your annotations into one file! It is in the Export sub-menu in the File menu. As for highlights, no luck there. You can either opt to select a range of documents to perform this export on, or just do the whole project. Also you can specify whether or not to export titles with the annotations. This is useful if you’ll need to back-trace where they came from.

Thanks to both of you for your help. I managed to get the highlights moved by just copying them to the document notes.

Maria, I was making a joke about my own lack of knowledge when I made that comment. You’re just so far ahead of me in these things that it’s kind of funny to me.

Again, thank you to both of you for your answers.