Collection colors in the Binder sidebar

Collections were a big part of what drew me to Scrivener. :smiley:
(I think that the other three were: Scrivener’s (compiler) output document flexibility; Its being an actively supported and updated Windows app for writing, my aging InfoSelect getting long in the tooth; Its reputational high standing, which by the way this Scrivener neonate can already see was not far of the mark!)

‘Today’, I’m setting up the ~24 collections I am expecting will hold my Accumulation/Pre-draft heaps of document references.
In assigning colors to the collections, I noticed that, clicking on or keyboarding to a collection’s tab in the sidebar, all the tabs below it are shown with that color, including those of searches and the Binder. (I’m not concerned about this as I’m choosing the color, but rather in normal use of the collections.)
Is this intended?

I also noticed during the task that once I had set up 5 collections, the Collections section of the sidebar ceased extending and gained a scrollbar (elevator shaft), even when stretched ‘across’ two hi-res displays in portrait. And as I quickly discovered, I could not click/drag expand the section so that (screen display height allowing) I could see all the collections.
Is that not possible? Is the ability on the enhancement list?
(The way I’m thinking of using the Binder sidebar is mostly for the collection of threads in pre-development, for gathering thoughts as I encounter them, and for a few searches, the Binder being mostly handled in an outline-mode left editor–thanks in no small part to back history. :wink: AmberV/Ioa)

Also about the Binder sidebar, though not as a 'tech ‘issue’ or shortcoming, it would be nice were search results somehow identified as to the locations of the items: Maybe even just a line between the items in Draft and Research, between Research and Trash? The first time I noticed this it was about Trash: While it is of use that the trash heap is rummaged by project searches, (for me) it would be better that I knew immediately that this/that was a discarded version of something rather than perhaps merely a duplicate somewhere in one or more of many containers with the same title/first-few-words.
(I know about Ctrl-Shift-8.)


I read recently in the Help Manual at 7.4.1 that
[…] it will re-color and ghost all of the tabs below it to help indicate which is the active tab […].

Given that I have many Collections and use specific colors to indicate the general nature of each of these ‘concept bins’ * in relation to the other approx. 24, and that the colors help find tabs more quickly than their names or known locations do,
for me, the re-coloring of the stack’s tabs is counterproductive.

*Of course, as I think of them.

(I do think the coloring of the Binder replacement display of the selected Collection is of use.)

Somewhat along the same lines, the back and forth of using the Binder and Collections:

:arrow_right: It would be of use to have some indicator on the most recently used (non-search) Collection when I move to the Binder; just an asterisk on the tab or something similar. (The washout of the Collection colors makes finding the relevant tab more difficult.)

:question: Shift-Tabbing from the Binder to the Collections, is there a visual cue as to which C. is ‘selected’? Is any selected?
If not the latter, is there a keyboard way to select a C. to ‘open’ it?

(Having recently read the discussion about the Binder’s not being a ‘mere’ sidebar :exclamation: , I changed the Subject matter of this post from sidebar to space.)