Collection delete problem

The minus button (to delete a collection) is grayed out in my project.* I’ve searched all pages in Preferences—also the manual—and my Collections window doesn’t have the minus sign next to the 3-bars at the right that shows in the manual. *(see screen shot)

Thanks for the help.
Scrivener 1.png

Not sure why the collection delete button is grayed out, but the reason you don’t have a delete button (the negative sign next to the three lines, as you were describing) is because you’re in a dynamic search collection, so you can’t manually delete the items. Only standard collections will show that option.

Meanwhile, this tab is supposed to be just for search results. Whenever you search in the toolbar tool, the results for that search show up here. That shouldn’t have allowed you to rename it, but I see now you can do so by viewing the search results as a corkboard and then editing the title in the header bar. :slight_smile:

That’s why you can’t delete the whole collection, too. It’s a special tab, like the Binder tab, that you can’t remove. You might want to rename it back to Search Results, so that it doesn’t remain confusing in the future.

Ahhaaaa! That was the only thing I could come up with–that it was a search result–but having it not called that totally threw me. Sneaky.

I guess this means I can’t procrastinate on my novel anymore by trying to solve this…

OK. I think I’ve got it. Thanks. I’m slowly learning.