Collection documents

When clicking a collection I was expecting to see all its documents as scrivenings at once (in the editor), the way it is for a folder. Instead, one has to first select the documents and for that go to the pane window which, unlike the binder, isn’t accessible with Ctrl-Tab. This gets a bit cumbersome when done often and doesn’t feel natural. Is that the way it’s supposed to work?

Just Ctrl-A in the binder to select all, and set your view mode to display Scrivenings.

There is one small planned enhancement that will help with this. You’ll be able to click on the strip below the tabs, that re-prints the name of the tab you are viewing. Doing so will be an upgrade over clicking into the list and pressing Ctrl-A: it will load the full item list for the collection into the active editor split and will in fact be treated as a pseudo-container rather than a “multiple selection”, meaning that you’ll be able to edit the collections list by manipulating the views in the editor (dragging cards around, deleting, adding, etc) and more.

There are no plans to make clicking on a tab update the editor without your explicit request—it is too presumptuous as many people do not want to view all of the items in the tab in the editor, or would not want the editor to be altered just because they viewed a list of items.

Thanks for the detailed answer, AmberV. The planned enhancement you mention is a very good idea. Hopefully it’ll will be available soon!