Collection exclusions

I have a collection that includes all docs with the status containing “draft”. For various reasons, I’d like to have a similar collection that includes everything with draft status, but which excludes those with the “final draft” status.

I know that one option would be to rename all the “final draft” to something else. But I’m more interested in whether the “save search to collection” feature has an exclude function, as well as the more usual include function.

Not yet, but more advanced search options are something we intend to continue working on in the future. For now, as you note, avoiding redundancies in your labels so that they are all unique words will help a lot.

How about a RegEx search for



This one would be a bit clearer, and since ‘draft’ is the important part of the match string, it would be highlighted if appropriate (though it is true, in this specific case that doesn’t matter so much) since it is a part of the core match instead of the look-ahead (which is by definition not a part of the search result).

(?<!final )draft

This just says: give me all of the “draft” items, save for those that have the word ‘draft’ directly following 'final '.