Collection won't load

In a project updated to 2.0 from 1.54, I have two empty dynamic collections. I think they both updated from saved searches in the previous version, and I have since deleted the search criteria in the documents (a character symbol for one and, I suspect, a keyword for the other, though I can’t find an old version of the project containing the saved search to verify this). Having no need for the collections, I tried to delete them only to find that clicking on them produced a strange result:collection doesn't load.png
It almost loads–it looks like a search–but it says “binder” and the color is wrong. It also doesn’t do the “tabbed” look covering over the tabs below it.

Closing and reopening the project didn’t fix this, although after a lot of clicking back and forth to load the binder and the search results (which both work fine), I eventually got one of the other collections to load and was able to delete it. Meanwhile, I didn’t get any console messages for this.

I don’t know if it’s just something goofy from the original update, back in the early days of 2.0. Although the project always worked fine on the Mac, it didn’t open in the Windows beta and when prowling around in the package I found some leftover files from 1.54 like binder.scrivproj. That was a while ago and they’re gone now–I think Scrivener magically cleaned it up at some point although that might have been me. :blush: Sorry I don’t remember.

I’ve never had this happen in any other project, so it may be project specific. If it’s worth it, I can send you the package.

Did you get any auto-fill in the search box when clicking on these?

Nope, nothing.

I did find that after I had deleted one of the two collections, the other one seemed to load reliably, and I was able to delete that as well–somehow having two made it flip out but one was all right? I have a copy of the project before I managed to delete either, though, so I can still do any tests you might suggest. (And on double-checking, even after deleting the first collection so the remaining one loads properly, I still don’t have anything auto-loading in the search bar.)

EDIT: Nevermind about it working consistently after I delete the first collection. Trying it again from the backup, having deleted the first collection I now can’t get the second one to load at all.

Additional tidbit, although this is probably self-evident from the lack of an auto-load search term, I double-checked the criteria of the saved-search in the 1.54 backup and inserted that into a test document in the 2.0 project, but it failed to appear in the saved search collection.

A couple console messages popped up now, but I don’t know that they’re really related to this–I can’t get them on purpose, clicking around as I’ve been doing, and I got the error before this ever showed up.

2/1/11 5:53:26 PM Scrivener[25159] IMKClient: exception caught trying to get the rootProxy for connection ((** NSConnection 0x1ce67850 receivePort <NSMachPort: 0x1c59aaa0> sendPort <NSMachPort: 0x1c58f4d0> refCount 7 **)):
NSPortTimeoutException : connection timeout: did not receive reply
2/1/11 5:53:26 PM Scrivener[25159] This exception was thrown inside thread: <NSThread: 0x6112f0>{name = (null), num = 1}. This thread is the main thread.

Can you please zip up and send me the project?