Collections are blackened when Binder is moved

Hi all,
With v. 1.2.3, I have noticed a bug I haven’t seen before: when you add multiple collections and reorder them, including the Binder, the Binder ‘tab’ literally blackens the collections below. Does anybody have a similar problem?
Also, I’d like to ask whether it is possible to have the scrollbar in the multiple collections view could be automatically hidden? As it is, the inevitable small space reserved for the Collections fills up pretty quickly with a couple of collections, thus triggering the scrollbar into that tiny space, which I think is a bit overworked/ noisy. An automatically visible scrollbar on mouseover might be a better option for that small space,


Thanks, I’ve noted the bug. It looks like an antiquated preference problem. All you need to do to resolve it yourself is go to the Appearance options tab and set the binder colour to something else, then click it back to Default (if that is what you want). Once you do this the tabs below the binder will appear as they should.

You can expand the width of the sidebar by dragging it out to the right; I think that will resolve what you are running up against. I don’t think hiding the scrollbar is a good UI move as it might cause people to think that half of their collections are missing if they lose track of things. The scrollbar is a standard indicator that there is more content outside of the current frame. If you remove that, there is no longer any indication of this.