collections background colour

I am using the latest version for Windows:-

If I create collections from searches they appear in the left panel with different background colours. The issue is the “dark” colours also have dark fonts and are not readable. How can I configure only light background colours for all collections? I cannot find any ability to configure colours for collections.

In the collection’s tab, click the square to the right of the name to bring up options for changing the colour. The text colour is set automatically based on the background values, so likely going either light or darker will work for you, once you get dark enough for the text to flip to white. There is no option to determine what colours a newly created collection will use, but we did intend to have mainly lighter colours used by default, so I’ll put that on the list to revisit.

Thanks. Tried clicking the square, and just discovered it’s “double click” the little square … now I am a happy bunny. Ta Steve