Collections Binder Color

I am just starting to make use of Collections. I am working on three or four projects within my Scrivener document (which I am using for organizing everything including keeping track of daily events). It is helpful to focus by clicking on a collection and see just the project and all its sub folders and text on the binder and nothing else.

Slight annoyance is, I see no way to either continue my choice of Binder colors I already enjoy using or add a new custom color for the specific collection (or for all collections in general). Not seeing it in View or Editor in Preferences and not finding anything on this when searching help under “collections”. Not sure how it is coming up with it’s default Binder/Text colors in collections as it is?

Am I not seeing how to do this? Or, this can be a feature suggestion.

ADDED: OK, I see it now. It is almost there, better than it was but could still be improved if the team saw fit. I can double click on the right of the collection bar and change the collection (binder) background. Not the text though so my options are still limited but, it’s a start.

ADDED AGAIN: OK, I can add a darker background the the text in Collections and the test auto adjusts contrast to it. So I guess we can call this first point complete.

And just a comment here, I was also a bit confused about deleting items from collections as I am experimenting with Collections. There is a command to add to collections (but no command to delete from Collections) so I had to read through quite a bit before I saw that deleting from collections would cause no harm. It could be useful to either; add a command to delete an item from collections or, put that you can delete from Collections everywhere you mention adding to Collections or, at least feature that information a little more clearly /prominently.

All in all Collections is yet another brilliant design idea from the good folks and Literature & Latte.