Collections - how to use them?

Hi need help with “Collections”. I’ve searched the forum, but didn’t manage to find anything detailed enough to be helpful on how to use Collections in Scrivener 2.0.

Currently I have many “Projects” open at the same time. I am thinking of combining them into 1 project, and I was wondering if collections can help me with the organization of files.

I’ll be glad if you could help explain how to use collections, how to create one, and how you are using it, if you are a Collections user too.

Thank you very much!!

I watched the videos then realized that the interactive tutorial for Scrivener 2.0 has the bit on Collections.

It’s under Part 2, Step 14 if you found this thread.

Although I’m learning how to use Collections already, would still love to hear how you are using them for your projects.



I found the thread, but cannot locate the specific tutorial that you mention. Can you provide a link?


In Scrivener, in the Help menu.