Collections - live updating?

I’ve finally figured out how to create a collection from a search. But is there a way to create a collection that updates itself “live” as I add documents into the manuscript?

Here’s what I’m trying to do: create a collection of all the scenes in which a specific character appears. I can create the initial collection with a search, but what happens if I add an additional scene with that same character later – does the existing collection update automatically or do I have to run another search and create a new collection?

Sorry if this is basic, but I can’t find an answer. Thanks for any help.

I seem to remember that if the collection is an “automatic” collection, created from documents containing a specific metadata like labels, the collection will automatically be updated. For search collections I think you have to do the search again.

Thank you.

A smart collection is essentially a saved search. The Save function for that is on the pop-down menu associated with the search field. I use Label assignments extensively so that I can maintain various smart collectons of this sort – usually to track status. In some projects, I use keyword assignments for purposes like yours where more than one tag may be needed per document.