Collections - not showing

Hi all,

I can see the ‘Collections’ on the left side column, however, when I want to add another file to this collection by right-clicking on the file, it is missing.

Also, I have noticed a blank space at the bottom of column 1, but there are collections in column 3.

A tad frustrating know I can’t currently add files to a collection I’ve recently added.

Any ideas?

Thank you,


Is this a Search collection? If so, it’s limited to documents that meet the search criteria.

Does the Documents → Add to Collection command work?

Hi Kewms,

I’ve just tried the Documents > Add to Collection but the recent collection is missing there also.

I’m not following you on searching - I’ve used the Collections in the usual way - I create files, then right-click and create a new collection and add it there. It’s always worked until recently (I can’t confirm when I say recently)…