Collections pane: is it possible to scroll while dragging a collection?

New to Scrivener (and absolutely loving it, overall; wish I’d started using it years ago) and I’ve been banging my head against this little quirk for the past couple days. Figure this is working as designed, but just wanted to double-check here and make sure I’m not missing a work-around.

I have a lot of collections in my project, and I want to put them in a particular order in the collections pane. The only way to do that is to drag and drop, but when I’m dragging a collection from the top of the list to the bottom, or vice-versa, the collections pane doesn’t scroll automatically when I reach the bottom or top edge of the pane. So to get the collection where I want it, I have to drag it a few steps, drop it, and then manually scroll the pane. Drag it, drop it, and then scroll the pane. Drag, drop, scroll. Drag, drop, scroll.

Just talking about it is making my mouse hand ache. :slight_smile:

So, is there a way to scroll the collections pane while simultaneously holding and dragging a collection?

That really should be working like normal, I’m not sure why it isn’t. But an idea is to put the collection list into the editor (click the little hook arrow button to the left of the collection name in the header), and then you can freely scroll anywhere, and drag from there. It’s a useful trick for all kinds of things in Scrivener—and really that’s the only way I drag things long distance if I can. Waiting for that scroll effect is too much for me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I’m afraid my post wasn’t really clear.

Here, screen shots for the win :slight_smile:

So the issue I’m actually having is with this pane only. For example, let’s say I want to move the “Work in Progress” collection all the way to the bottom of my collections list (way below “Emerald City Heroes and Villains,” as you can see from the scroll bar). I drag it to the bottom of the visible pane, below “Emerald City Heroes and Villains.” But the pane doesn’t scroll like most other windows do, so I have to drop “Work in Progress” underneath “Emerald City Heroes and Villains,” like so …

… and then do the whole leap-frog, scroll-drag-drop-scroll thing, moving “Work in Progress” 5-6 spaces at a time until I reach the bottom of the collections list.

So is this working as designed? If so, is there some sneaky way to make this pane scroll while I’m still holding and dragging a collection tab?

Thanks for taking the time to help me with this.

Sorry to have misread you! I better understand what you are referring to now, and indeed it looks like there are no scroll-on-drag zones in this area of the sidebar. Another area that could use improvement is allowing you to make this view taller so that scrolling isn’t often necessary in the first place. I’ve created a ticket for both of these—it probably won’t make it into 3.0 given other priorities, but it’s in the system now. Thanks!

Great! The limited resize was another minor frustration.

Yeah, my next question was going to be, “Will it be in Scriv 3?” So thanks for addressing that, and thanks again for your time.

I am wondering whether the limited Collections display in Windows is still a “thing”, or there is a setting somewhere? With [Search Results] and Binder, I can see a total of seven without scrolling. I would like more room. Any recent advice, please?