Collections Problems

I’ve made a collection of scenes (1-9) which I have re-ordered (to 214798356). How do I now get this order back into the binder?

I’ve tried following the manual, but although I can get the scenes copied back into a new folder, they appear either in the original consecutive order, or perhaps more strangely, in the order 789123456, but never in the same order as in the collection.

Also, whenever I use the ctrl-arrow shortcuts to move things in the binder, Scrivener crashes. Drag and drop works ok, although slow to pick up.

Thanks in advance!


I’ve found the same thing happens if I try to copy it to another collection. ie the 214… order, becomes the 789… order in the new collection

The manual might be slightly wrong here because there are some bugs in the current version with this. As far as I know there is no way to do this right now on account of them. Best you can do is select all of the items in the collection so that they show up in a corkboard or outliner in the editor, lock the editor, and then go back to the binder and manually reorganise the relevant section of the binder, using the locked editor as a guide. All drag and drop and Move To commands have re-order bugs.