Collections View Not Appearing as it should

I was playing around with collections and pulled up the Mac documentation to better understand what was going on. The Collections View in Windows seems to be missing a bar that seperates the items in a Collection from the various Collection tabs. It makes adding items to Collections awkward as you have to right-click to pull up the context menu to do so. It’s circled in the image below with a teal circle.


I would also like to request that it be possible to add items to a Collection from corkboard view and outline view as they provide more information than just finding the file in the binder.

It is actually possible to drag from the corkboard (or from the binder) to the collection, you just have to drag so that your mouse ends up over the collection tab. I agree that being able to just drop in all that open space would be easier, but at least it’s doable. It’s a little difficult to see, but when your mouse is in the proper place you should get the “Selection” outline highlight around the appropriate tab and the icon by the mouse will change from the no-available-action strikethrough to the little copy “+” sign.

The bar you see doesn’t aid much in adding items to collections. Its primary function is to be an indicator when the tab interface is closed, so you know where you are at all times. It’s secondary function is to view the collection as a group, which at this point in time with Windows has less use. In the Mac version this is useful because of the freeform corkboard. Each collection can have its own freeform board, and clicking on this bar is the only way to get to it. With standard corkboard, outliner, and scrivenings mode, you can get the same effect by just selecting all of the items in the collection with Ctrl-A.

I’d say the main way people are expected to add items to collections though is drag and drop, rather than the contextual menu. That’s handy too, but drag and drop is more consistent, and it works from corkboard and outliner, incidentally.

I hadn’t tried the drag and drop with the corkboard as I was playing around with it before class this morning. Thanks, Mimetic.

Ah, thanks for the clarification, Amber. I hadn’t realized the collections were tied into the freeform corkboard as to their purpose.

Edit: I do wish we weren’t dropped into the text we’re adding to a collection from the binder especially if we’re going to be moving more than that single text…

Agreed, especially since editor locking does not appear to have made the feature cut.

But I’m a Windows user! I’m trained to right-click! :slight_smile:

Don’t you get tired of always having to switch the mouse from your left hand to your right hand to click, though? :wink: