Collections with 2 criteria?

Sorry if this is answered elsewhere, but – how do you make a saved search that has two criteria – for instance, a particular Status AND a particular Label? I want to work just on the criminal ‘case’ in my script and leave the funny and personal scenes till later. So I’ve labelled the crime case scenes “Case” (and made them blue, if that’s of interest – perhaps crimes should be purple?). So I have a “Case” collection and I want it to be filled with scenes left “To Do”. I want those to disappear as I turn them into “First Draft” scenes, so that my morale is boosted. And I don’t want to make the “Case” scenes into a Standard Collection because I might add new crime scenes and I will want them to turn up in the Case Collection automatically. Is this possible? In other words, I want to make a dynamic collection with two criteria. Is this possible? Thanks for any help!

This isn’t possible at the moment, no, although a refined search allowing for multiple criteria would be a nice idea for the future. In the meantime, it might be a good idea to use a keyword search for this sort of thing rather than a label or status one.
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Thanks Keith. Hey, are you going to write a novel this November too? I suppose it would be churlish not to, being a sponsor and all…

Actually, I don’t even know what ‘churlish’ means. But it sounds good.

‘Gruff and quirky’ is a pretty good approximation of what ‘churlish’ means :wink: