I’ve figured out almost everything about Scrivener so far, at least the basics of it, except this. What is a collection? How does it work? Do I need to be using one? Isn’t this what the folders are for?
Many thanks for any and all help,

Hi RibbonMitsu,

A collection is a place where you can put shortcuts to items organized in a way that’s different from how they’re organized in your binder. They are just links to the items in your binder and will be updated automatically for you. There’s no need to update the items in both places. You won’t delete your items if you delete them from your collections either.

For example, you can create a collection of items that pertain to a certian character, including research items, character histories, etc. Or you can create a collection for everything about a certain place or event.

You can also create saved search collections or search results collections too. You can read all about them on page 54, section 7.3 of the windows manual if you’d like.

Also, you don’t need to use a collection but it’s there to augment the the organization of your project if you want to.

Thanks, Chris

Here’s an example of using collections.

My novel jumps back and forth in time, over many decades, with flashbacks and narrating of earlier events that have become importaht. In the Binder I keep all the scenes in the order in which they will appear the book. Then I have a collection called chronology in which all the scenes are placed in the order in which they actually “happened” in my fictional world. That helps me avoid any anachronisms. I also use collections for each main character. And another for details of the themess that motivate the

Any scene or chapter or research note can be placed in as many collections as you like. And when you write and edit a document all those changes of course show up in any collection that the document belongs to. It’s a very useful tool.