Collins Dictionary is downloadable

Writers in the UK may be interested in downloading the Collins dictionary to their Macs. It pops up quite nicely in Scrivener by pressing F1 on a word. You need to download the thesaurus once you’ve downloaded the software. 10 day free trail then £20+vat plus widget.

Makes a change from the dictionary that comes with Mac. Although it is useful it is American English and you need another dictionary to translate :wink: . … -macs.aspx

Cool - thanks for that. I love the Collins dictionary. It’s not the Oxford, true, but as a kid we had the big Collins dictionary in our house and as a teenager it helped me write songs for our rather dreadful band with lyrics containing words such as “lituate”, “pulchritudinous” and “quadlibertarian” (which rhymed with “looks like yours would kill an Arian” if I recall correctly, closely following a line beginning “quotidian thoughts of you…”).

In other words, I’ll probably be buying it. :slight_smile: I may not be as pretentious these days, but I still love obscure words.


Mmmm. I wonder why the band never made it big?

Scrivener would not exist. Instead, Keith would have developed a tremendous software for songwriters, with a built-in rhyme dictionary etc.

That would crash if the user ever typed the word ‘silver’ :mrgreen: