Color affects in the Binder

I’ve been experimenting with the color affects in the binder and have found them hard to use. Not hard to use in difficulty to apply, but in their appearance. I have a binder with many folders and subfolders. After enabling coloring in the binder, it becomes a confusing mess with every object getting an oval surrounding it. These ovals make the binder look severely cluttered (and they seem to slow things down a lot). It would be nice if instead of affecting everything so drastically (colored and uncolored), it only would affect something like the text color or the color of the folder icon next to the name. This way, only folders I’ve marked with specific labels or statuses would show different and things would stay much neater and cleaner.


Reducing the visual intensity of the label highlights in the binder, as well as addressing icon tinting as an alternative, are both already scheduled. I’m not sure what the status is on icons, but a less bold background highlight is in the short-term fix list. I suspect even with that dialled down a bit, you’ll probably still want to wait for icon tinting, if you are anything like me. Even with a more subtle effect, I find binder highlights to be a bit much, and so use icon tinting when I need that info at the top level. Others really dig it, though, so it’s a good choice to have around.

Great, I’m glad to hear that adjustments are in the works. I’m kind of a minimalist and so the current implementation was a bit overwhelming and I’ve had to just leave it off. Having controls to adjust things like this to different tastes is a great option. For me, it isn’t even as much the bold highlights as the ovals around folders that I haven’t set any value to. With a lot of folders, it makes the binder look like an art project =). I would be happy enough if unmarked folders were just not marked in any way, unlike now where everything is circled, though some are uncolored. That’s where much of the business comes from and I find navigating it much more difficult than it should be.

Have you checked that your “No Label” for the unmarked folders has a little “x” instead of a color? Some of the templates may use an older Mac style and have a white color label for “No Label”–this will get fixed, but in the meantime, you can select all of these and adjust the label to be the “x No Label” version, which means you won’t get an oval in the binder or a “white” label color anywhere else.

Ah, I hadn’t noticed there were two options for no label. I set everything to the ‘x’ as it was set to blank and now it’s much, much better. I would still prefer to have just the text color or icon changed instead of everything being encircled, but it’s much more usable now.

Thanks a bunch!

Another comment on this (and apologies if you are already aware of it), but some label colours don’t get assigned the appropriate text colour. I picked a bright yellow label, but the text in the binder was white and unreadable. Other colours work fine, with black on lighter colours and white on darker ones.

I agree with the comment upthread that colouring the full binder section is a bit much. Personally, I would prefer to have just the little coloured blob (as happens on the selected document).

Otherwise, I’m totally happy with Scrivener. Wish I’d known earlier about the Windows version, then I wouldn’t have wasted my time dabbling with two other software packages :slight_smile: Looking forward to the official release…