Color code index cards

I’m in the process of writing a novel and had an idea for a feature.

It would be very helpful if the index cards could be colored. The reason I feel this would be a helpful feature is that when working with various aspects of writing it would be easier to color code an index card rather than having to read what each card had typed on it.

Just an idea.

This feature already exists in Scrivener in a couple of ways. See:

View > Use Label Color In > Index Cards

View > Corkboard Options > Show Keyword Colors

(If these features have not yet made it to winScriv, they will. On the Day of Feature Parity!)

p.s. As I don’t use index cards much, the coloring I personally find most useful is
View > Use Label Color In > Icons
which tints icons in the Binder by the items label color. I use labels a lot because of this tinting ability (plus the fact that one can search by label and define smart collections based on them).