Color Coding Labels Bug

This is a minor bug in View>Use Label Color> In Binder.

My main story is color coded Yellow in the labels. If I try the above setting to show the labels in the binder, I get a yellow label with white text. There’s no contrast, so it’s completely unreadable.

Thanks, I’ll see what Lee can do about this. In the meanwhile you might want to try switching your label color to something slightly lighter–e.g. of the two basic yellows, the lighter one (R 255, G 255, B 127) does get black text, instead of white, so the contrast is quite clear.

This looks to me like coming from windows, not from scrivener.
There are two different choices of yellow : using one, I get what you say, in binder, white characters are used. Using the other, I get a slightly darker yellow, with black characters written in the binder.
Win7 adapts itself those colours on various places…