Color indicating spelling errors is difficult to see and potentially impossible for colorblind

Personally, I find that the indication of a spelling error is very difficult to spot when reviewing a large body of text. I often miss the errors and I cannot imagine who persons who are color blind could see them at all. As I am relatively new to all of Scrivener’s hidden abilities is there a way to change the color which indicates a spelling error?

To adjust the spell check color, go to File > Options > Appearance > Textual Marks > Colors > Spell Check Underline. It’s not the easiest setting to find. :blush:

Also, you might want to play around with File > Options > Corrections > Underline Style. I find Waves far easier to see than Dots.

In case you didn’t know, you can save all your customized settings using File > Options > Manage > Save Options to file to save your settings to a file. Then, say after a Scriv reinstall, you would recover your customized settings by using File > Options > Manage > Load Options from file. (Sorry if you already knew that.!)