Color Labels for all fields in the chapters and folders colu

I find myself wishing I could apply color labels, like in the finder, to the chapter headings and folders list created in the left column. It is almost all I can think about as my project keeps growing.

It seems it would help immensely in organizing grouped items. Also make it easier to find things in a long list. Sometimes I get lost in a moment of inspiration as i search for the chapter heading.

Keep up the good work. I have made more progress in my writing with Scrivner than anything else I have tried since forever. The key seems to be the ready organization and access to the collected progress.

Best Regards
Turtle Heart, Ojibway Artist[/b]

You’ll find a similar option is available from the toolbar. Go to / / .
You can also add to or edit the label colours using / <Label & Status Setup>.


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There is already a preference you can switch on which will colour the icons in the binder to match the document label.

I don’t have my mac with me to lookup exactly where it is, but if you look through the tutorial you will find it.

Is that what you are after? Or are you referring to changing the text colour?


Thanks guys. This program keeps unfolding. I puzzled over this and looked around, looked around, and yet there it is.

This is useful, but not quite as dynamic as I could use. The whole line of text, or like the finder, a color border around the line of text rather than the icon, with the option to use many colors, at lest 8 or 16.

[color=indigo]Chapter One Lets Get Going…(like this at least)

thnx…a bunch…th

You can set the label colours yourself, and create as many as you like - 16 or 1600, it’s up to you. Select EDIT… at the bottom of the labels dropdown menu.

Colouring the entire text would look horrible, especially when highlighted, and it’s unnecessary when the icons are coloured.

There are no plans to implement anything other than the current icon highlighting, which I think works well.
All the best,

well, it does not look horrible if it is implemented intelligently. The os, especially the new one, has phenomenal graphics routines. The color on the icons is very pale and not so easy to see…the colors don’t seem to be controllable, you just keep hitting next and you end up with what you end up with. Clearly the program nknows a few tricks as it implements transparent colors. they might read more vividly if they were opaque or the lines in the icon removed when color is present…or you could use bullets.

MS entourage lets you color the text headers in notes, and you are right, implemented just straight out like that they don’t look so good. Maybe its just my eyes get so tired these days. I have trouble with my eyes. If you look at colored cells in an excel spreadsheet for example, the transparent colors in the cells rather than the text can make a highly redable documet.

One of the real gifts your program offers is its intelligent interface. However you must admit, and probably it is in fact just fine that way, but you could use color in designing a readable interface and that remains an artistic breakthrough in visual design ecellence that awaits your pleasure one day, or not.

I can see it in my mind as something lovely but most importany something visually useful in navigating long long documents. However, having said all that because you sound rather absolute (and a little closed) in your detrmination, the colored icons do help.

Thanks for the help. Best regards, TH

Actually, if you read through the threads in this forum, you will realise that the one thing that Keith is not is “absolute in his determination” … He always listens to suggestions and he also gives good explanations as to why he has no plans to implement some of those suggestions.



While in the label editing box, double-click on a colour (not the name, the actual block of colour) to bring up the standard Apple colours palette.

Please read the help file for information on controlling the colours of labels. The opacity is set via the fonts/colors preferences - again, please refer to the Help files.

I most certainly am not “closed” in my approach, as any number of users here will tell you, but you must realise that you are one user asking for something that has already been implemented in a way that was in response to a discussion with a number of users. Also, if you read the “About” page on the website, you will see that I am very open about the fact that I do not plan on adding lots of new features to Scrivener, but rather intend on using it for myself and making it as stable as possible, which I regard as more important. You bring up Entourage and MS products; I doubt you would find anyone from MS replying to your suggestions and explaining why they won’t implement them.

I strongly urge you to read the “BEFORE POSTING” sticky thread at the top of the Wish List forum before continuing this discussion, which you are, of course, most welcome to do. However, I have already explained that I have no intention of implementing anything other than the current labels in 1.x (which does not rule anything out for the future), and - as explained in the “BEFORE POSTING” sticky - Scrivener is not software-by-committee. It is a software-by-a-considerate-tyrant. :slight_smile:


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