Color of Binder's "current document indicator"?

Short version:
Can the color of the “current editor document indicator” be changed? If not, might that be doable?

Longer version:

In the binder below, I am currently writing in one of the documents. Which one?

Needless to say, it isn’t very clearly visible, because the “indicator” is so subtle it’s virtually invisible. Use the eyedropper tool, and you will see: The current editor indicator is right now “indicating” document 4, the one whose icon has changed into one with text in it. Where the other documents’ color is RGB(191, 181, 72) the color of the indicated one is RGB (195, 185, 76).

One problem may be that it’s applied to the binder “before” applying the VIEW > USE LABEL COLOR IN > BINDER feature, so that the label color obscures the indicator.

So, feature request: Could we either have the indicator applied on top of the label colors, or be able to choose our own indicator color? (Or both!)



It’s not applied before the label colour is added. It looks as though you have turned the brightness of labels up in the Preferences; if you turn that back down, all should be well. The problem is simply it is very difficult for any colour-modifying algorithm to work perfectly with all colours. So even though it is adjusting the brightness and saturation of these colours slightly, the result on these particular colours is barely different. I’ve spent some time on this this afternoon, but there’s no perfect solution. Measuring colour differences and such is of little help because how we perceive colours is quite different from the maths behind them. So, instead, I have added a stroke around the secondary highlight when it appears over a label like this. That should allow you to pick it out more easily.

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True! Although not by THAT much (I like to have the colors stand out)… :slight_smile:

But yes, a stroke would be great! Because there’s also another visibility issue when using labels in different colors: Even if you turn the label brightness down quite far, it’s hard to tell where the highlight is unless there’s another item with the same color next to it for comparison.
(See screenshot below — the blue scene is highlighted, but it really isn’t easy to tell…)

Thank you for the response,