Color or Highlight Index Card Titles

Is there a way to change the font color and/or use a highlight color on the title of index cards? I see that I can change the color of the body text or change the color of the pin and/or card itself, but can’t seem to figure out how to change the title color. Thanks.

Hi, no, there is no way of doing this as the index cards are plain text - the title fields are like any OS X text field.
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I am a new (baffled & bewildered user) and I have copied an old post from Den Vogel. Have there been any changes since this question was posted in 2008? Thank you.

No, these are still text fields and they probably always will be. The title is used all over the place as text information; in menus; in the Binder; Outliner. Random formatting would look really strange in most of those, and you couldn’t just say to not show formatting in the Binder or whatnot, because then if you edit the title in the Binder, what happens to the format codes? What if only one word is highlighted—and you change the word slightly, adding a few letters to it?

Thank you for the quick reply – such a supportive gesture for a new user. Any other suggestions for keeping track of each characters movements through my script would be most appreciated.

What’s wrong with the pin colour/index colour tinting? A lot of people use that feature for tracking POV and other plot mechanics.

Keywords? Document Notes?

My idea was to color code the text relating to each character on every index card so that when grouped on the bulletin board I could evaluate at a glance who was where when.