Color progress bar for Compose mode

I feel a bit awkward asking for anything, since Scrivener already offers so much, but here’s a small thing that I would love… as a highly visual person.

I love having the colored progress bar at the bottom of the Scivener window, so that I can visually track my word count goal for each document. I noticed that it doesn’t show up in the hidden bar at the bottom of the full screen/compose mode.

I was wondering if this might be a quick option for those of us who like checking the color as opposed to having to look at the current word count compared to the goal word count and do the mental math.

I doubt this is a highly requested feature, but it would be something nice to make available in Compose mode.

My best,

Christine Row

Hi Christine,

To be honest, the main reason this isn’t available is lack of space. The current controls on that bar already take up all the horizontal space on smaller screens, and interface elements have to scale with the smallest screens in mind. I don’t rule it out from a future update if I find a nice way around that, though.

Thanks and all the best,


Thanks so much for the reply. As a 17" MacBook Pro user, I guess I’m just a little spoiled by my spacious screen real estate. :wink: